Butterstick Bday

Happy Birthday, DSS!

Yes, it's true: dot_sex_snark is 3 today! She can walk and talk - we're working on getting her potty trained. ...Do you smell that?

In celebration of the big oh-three, we're re-opening DSS to moderated membership. So if you haven't pissed us off too badly in the past, or think you can manage not to piss us off too badly in the future, or are going to piss us off but just don't care, take a moment to re-acquaint yourself with the community rules and be making with the clicky on the "Join Community" link. We'll see what we can do.


on behalf of dirtymatt (he's so drrrrrrty!), mammothali (she's mammoth!), and scien (she's a rush!)

Announcement: Membership

Greetings, DSS denizens and DSS wannabes!

This brief announcement is to inform you that DSS now has moderated membership. DSS wannabes, if you would like to request membership, click here to submit a request. If you really want to be a member, you should probably also send an email to dot_sex_snark@livejournal.com explaining why you want to be here and why we shouldn't reject you. Just a tip.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled snark programming.


Greetings, DSS denizens!

This message is to inform you that DSS is under new command. dirtymatt, mammothali, and myself are your new moderators! During our time as your humble moderators, we promise a chicken in every pot, no new taxes, and cake for everyone!

If you have a question, comment, concern, bitch, whatever--please take it up with dot_sex_snark@livejournal.com. Leave the former mods alone. Seriously. I will kick you in the face.

Alright! Carry on.

Hugs and kisses,
Kristen (pocketnovel)
Strike a Pose

Why Was I Removed from Dot_Sex_Snark


If you've reached this entry, and don't know why you've been removed from the community, that should tell you something right there.

Due to an overall sense of drama and frustration in the community, the membership rolls have been cut of damn near everyone, including all lurkers, non-participants, people we don't know, people we don't trust or don't trust enough, etc.

If you feel this decision regarding your status in particular has been made in error, you can STFU. We're done. It's an LJ community. Go whine in dot_cattiness along with all the other people who need waaaaahmbulances.

Thanks for playing.

Yours in moderation,

personal blogging

Mod Announcement

Due to recent events in aforementioned communities, membership will be locked down in this comm for a few days or until we decide it's blown over. Sorry for any inconvenience. You can contact me (mathilde at livejournal dot com) or NLF (notlookingfor at livejournal dot com) if you have any questions about this.

(And this is my mod icon, damn it. Who's more of a mod icon than Emma Peel, I ask you?)