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Do you think that giving blow-jobs involves blowing? Are you a virgin, and worried that you're pregnant? Are your posts peppered with little hearts and chat-speak? Run now and don't look back.

We're not here to answer your sex questions, we're not here calm your nerves and we're certainly not here to decipher your writing that you couldn't be bothered to spell-check. Ignorance is not an excuse for stupidity; deal with it.

Can you snark with style? Is other people's complete ignorance about anything sexual bringing you down? Can you write in complete sentences and use proper grammar? Then this is the place to be.


dot_sex_snark exists to blow off steam outside helping communities, not to spread snark and drama in other communities. To assist in this mission, we bring you the Ten Commandments of DSS.

1. NO TROLLING. Seriously. What happens in dot_sex_snark stays in dot_sex_snark. In other words, keep the snark here and out of the community you're snarking. For more information, see this post.

2. Dig deep for the snark within you and all will be well.

3. Don't be mean, be catty. Once again: Don't be mean, be catty. Mean isn't funny, it's just plain mean.

4. Make sure you have your facts straight. If you don't, others will straighten them for you.

5. Lurkers are discouraged, especially you n00bs. Come inside, get settled and SPEAK UP.

6. Save the drama for your mama. If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. Did someone else cat your precious post? Go ahead and leave, quietly. We don't care.

7. No whining about transcribing Friends-Only Posts. If you can't see it, join the community. Screen-caps are a violation of LJ-TOS.

8. Linking to posts on personal journals is not allowed. No exceptions.

9. No trolling, no mocking in the snarked community. No trolling, no mocking, no snarking in the snarkee's personal journal. It just spoils the fun for everyone else. If we see you doing it, we'll beat the shit out of you.

10. Anyone caught using excessive chat-speak or not spell checking will be banned. Deal with it.

Violations will result in immediate smiting by the moderators. Consider yourself warned.


Membership is currently closed. If you want to join and you already know one of our members, have them e-mail us on your behalf. If you don't, send us a persuasive email and we may consider it.

Here are general types of things that may get you rejected.

You're a sock puppet/communities only journal.
We think you're going to start drama.
We think you can't follow the rules.
We think you don't have a sense of humor.
We don't know why you're joining (not actually in any sex/health/relationships themed communities)
We think you'll be a lurker (are in a metric tonne of snark communities)
We think you smell funny.
You're a furry/plushy/otherkin. We think those are funny.
You're interested in MaryKate/Ashley/Pro-Ana. (See: "You don't have a sense of humor", above.)
We just don't like you. It's our community, we can do that.


Got questions? Reach us at dotsexsnark at gmail.